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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Religion Makes a Cruel Government

A thoughtful article about the decline and fall of America's greatest ideals.

We arrested a library patron in New Brunswick for looking at foreign-language pages on the web. We held him for three days without charging him, without letting him call a lawyer, or notify his wife.

We arrested a man at St John's College in Santa Fe for making a negative comment about George Bush in a chatroom from the college library. We put a gag order on all the students and faculty, forbidding them from revealing that this arrest had taken place: the staff member who told me about it could be imprisoned for doing so.

This happened in libby Santa Fe?

When George Bush spoke at the Ohio State University commencement in 2002, we threatened protesters with expulsion from the university.

The consul in Frankfurt said that between 75 and 120 casualties from Iraq were flown in every day to the military hospital there, but we aren't allowed to see these wounded on television, nor are we allowed to see the coffins of our dead.

And, finally, the most poignant and sad...

My taxi driver in Frankfurt was a devout Muslim who fled Iran to protect himself and his wife from state- imposed religious and moral standards. He had served in the Iranian army during the Iran-Iraq war, and had lost his mother and both grandmothers. "Why does America want to rule by religion?" he asked. "Religion makes a cruel government."

Amen, brother.

Pat Kirby


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