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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Random Six

Kitty Has No Sweet Tooth...
This explains much. Horses like sweet things like carrots and apples. I understand horses. Cats? Not so much.

Timid Movie Goers...?
Horror films aren't doing well at the box office.

Doncha Hate It When...?
You're just about to stake the big-bad vampire, and--Owee!--you get a splinter. Here's a cure.

The Religion of Battlestar Galactica...
Probably one of the few reasons I wish I had cable. Sounds like my kind of show.

via Renegade Mom

Cavemen Not Adequate...?
So Cave Gals had to resort to toys? Paleolithic infomercial: It's a sex toy; it's a blade sharpener; it'll Change Your Life.

Whiny Writers Out There...
Whether it be a critique (which you asked for) or a rejection from a editor/agent, for God's sake don't write back with a rebuttal. "But you just don't get it..." Well, duh, obviously.

Your sad little rebuttal accomplishes absolutely nothing. Yep, NOTHING. Think you are teaching them a lesson, perhaps? Think they'll mend their wicked ways, and realize that your story/novel is actually the next Hugo winner? Think your threat that you will never send them another manuscript leaves them devastated? Buzzz. Wrong.

From Miss Snark (MS):

Maria said...
I prefer comments, but I understand why agents/editors don't offer them. They don't want the boomerang.

MS: yup. I've had people send rejection letters back to me with no comments or cover letter ... as if to say "did you really mean to send this" I guess. I've had people write back and tell me I'm obviously missing what the writer meant to say (ya think that maybe might possibly indicate a problem with...the WRITING??) I've had people write and tell me I'm full of shit..but would I reconsider?

Basically, whiny rebuttals make you look like a horse's ass. (With apologies to the Nikster, who has a lovely ass.)

But do carry on...your bad behavior makes me look like Miss Manners.



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