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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

News of the Weird

Do you Mary, take Crispy to be your lawfully wedded..?
Dumbass. This guy needs to be neutered. This country has more than enough stupid people.

Bad Review, No Cookie...
Monica Jackson brings us a calming technique for dealing with bad reviews.

(Not to be viewed while eating.)

Alternately, can be used for the critiquer who just doesn't get it. Or any other virtual revenge.

The Mouth of Sauron...
Or Scientology or Katie Holmes, or...oh, crap.

But when she was asked to describe her love, Holmes went blank -- the woman described as her "Scientologist chaperone" jumped in to tell Holmes to say "you adore him."

Chaperone? To keep her from getting busy with other religions? Or reality?

Strippers and More Strippers...
Bubba sues strippers for assault. Well, gosh, there aughta be a law. Against Bubbas.

And the worlds' coolest parents arrested. Righty-oh. Because, if not for that naughty stripper and her wicked woman bits, the lad would be pure of mind.

If You're Reading This Blog, This is You...
Americans slacking off at work.

Top 10 Time-Wasting Activities

1. Surfing Internet (personal use)
2. Socializing with co-workers
3. Conducting personal business [Writing 90K word novel]
4. Spacing out [Thinking about plot for next novel, usually during meetings]
5. Running errands off-premises [Go home to wait for veterinarian]
6. Making personal phone calls [Schedule veterinarian appointments.]
7. Applying for other jobs [Of course: all the necessary job search tools are provided: Phone, fax, Internet, laser printer]
8. Planning personal events
9. Arriving late -- Leaving early
10. Other [Once went to Lord of the Rings premier]

Puttered out into the garden today, set on trimming the spent flowers. While clambering around on the flower bed borders, lost my balance (and dignity) and fell in a flower bed. Bloodied and bruised, staying in the house and working on book two. (The J-man, snarkily says, "Should we get a seat belt for your chair?")

Pat K.


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