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Saturday, July 23, 2005

It Takes a Village

To Write A Novel. But do you need to thank everyone on your "acknowledgements" page? (via Galley Cat)

Rule #2: Don't Thank A Diety.

I don't know what is up with people who have found God, but they seem really insecure about God's continued approval, like He is their quasi-abusive boyfriend or neglectful Dad or something, so they have to keep thanking Him every five seconds. Klosterman thanks God for helping him to write a shortish, go-nowhere, cutesy book about a brief road trip he took to rock stars' death sites. This is kind of like R. Kelly thanking God for helping him to write a song called "Sex Weed," except less hilarious.

I have no inherent problems with asking the big guy (or gal or whatever...) in the sky for help. Do it myself. But the old, "Thank the Lord for giving me the..." blahbitty-blah always sounds a mite needy.

Are you there God, it's me, Pat? See, I put your Name in my book. Can I have that coastal mansion in New Zealand now?

Have Boobies. Will Write...
A Bestseller. Lulu.com predicts the extinction of male-written bestsellers.

The female share of #1 bestsellers over the first decade of the study (1955-1964) was 17.8%, and still just 23.8% as recently as the 1980s -- compared to 46% over the last decade (1995-2004); and 50% so far this year.

Er, okay.

Letters to Girly Bits...
The vagina letters.

Dear Vagina,
Consider yourself lucky. I've never shoved a baby out you.
The Management

Yesterday. Nada. [Insert long piss 'n moan session about the heat; a So-dry-she's-mummified muse, etc.] Today. Words, me hopes.

Pat K.


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