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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hopping Off The Pain, Panic and Pathos Bandwagon

And going about my business.

Naturally, my prayers go out to the folks in London, but...

I will not indulge in the peculiar modern American (First World?) pathology to cling to the television/news source, breath bated, absorbing someone else's misery. "Modern," because frankly, 100 years ago, people couldn't afford to immerse themselves in the suffering of others. Or their own misery for that matter. Spend too much time dwelling on the negative and the crops didn't get planted, the laundry didn't get washed and Bambie didn't get bagged.

Compassion is wonderful and a necessity of humanity. But compassion nowadays tilts so easily into perverse obsession.

Naturally, everyone is drawing (weak, poorly thought out) comparisons to 911. Back then, it seemed that everyone wanted a piece of the 911 pity pie. Everyone had to pull someone who "was there" out of their arse. "My mother's cousin three times removed was married to a man whose sister lives next to a man whose brother was killed in the Towers."

I suspect we will see a corresponding fascination with the bombings in London. Most seem to have forgotten or are just too clueness to care that terrorism is not new to London. I ran into a blog of one naive twit who said something like: "I never thought the UK would be hit by terrorists." Anyone remember the IRA? Idiot.

Naturally, politicians of all flavours on this side of the Atlantic will start spinning the incident for their benefit.

Here's a sensible approach to handling disasters.



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