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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Geologists Have Big Stones

And fossils, and minerals and all kinds of rocky junk. And if you marry one, he brings all that earthy crap with him.

With the new shed done, J-man is cleaning out the garage and rediscovering little lost treasures buried in boxes and dust. Including his rock collection. Among the little geological marvels...stalagtites/stalagmites.

Me: Looks naughty [making lewd gesture]
J-Man: It's a cave woman dildo. [rummages around and pulls out a smaller version] And this is a pocket-size version. For the cave woman on the go.

Prehistoric toys

In His Defense...
Since I made such a stink about the nasty, "found" barbeque grill...Here it tis, all cleaned up. Looks almost new, except for the face plate. Huge. Supposedly can grill up to fifty hot dogs. 'course, I don't eat hot dogs...but now prepared for an unexpected hankering for pig lips and assholes.

Spiffy "new" grill.

Weekly Flowers...

Prairie Evening Primrose (Oenothera albicaulis)

Found growing by irrigation ditch and "liberated" with a shovel. Literally drips with white flowers. Tough, needs very little water. Seems to be a perennial in my yard.

About 300 words yesterday, which is a lot for a Saturday. Today...read a Critters sub and write up critique. More wordage on Book Two.



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