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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Geneva Convention, Fooey

Horse torture.

Ingredients: One horse. One tube of paste wormer.

Opportunity for payback for everything he's destroyed in the paddock and barn aside, I'm not crazy about the whole worming idea. I don't normally use pesticides, so stuffing poison down my horse's craw doesn't rock my boat.

But worms can lead to colic...which leads to vet bills, which lead to poverty and homelessness.

Damn stuff is sticky so as to stick in the horse's mouth and prevent spitting up. Right. Actually, it's sticky so that it will stick to human skin and clothes after horse spits half of it all over you.

OTOH, it's too fucking hot to do anything else.

Got an "interesting" rejection from Farthing. "Your story made it through the first cut and my slush reader was enthusiastic about it. So was I, for the writing and the protagonists and the world-building, but in the end I found the premise didn't work for me...If you ever think of re-working it...I'd be happy to see it again."

I think this is my first pseudo-request for a rewrite. The same story is still buried in another market's slush pile of desolation. A writer who also has a story stuck in the same market was told by his Clarion teacher that he should send market a note indicating that while not pulling the story, he would be sending it somewhere else. I wonder if that would help light an, er, fire under their...[bleep]?

Anyhow, the editor at Farthing had a good point. When the mood strikes, I think I may rewrite it.

About 900 words yesterday, most between 8 and 9PM. Realizing that I write best when it's dark. (This is why I got sooo much done at crappy County job. Unplugged all my lights and hunkered down in little cubicle.) Sigh. Bright, sunny office is not inspiring to this night creature.

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