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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fun is Crap

(Another lit snob rant. I like beating deceased horses.)

Or so say the Gods of Fiction. First there is Book Snot, brought to us by Paperback Writer.

And just so we clear this all up: Chick lit is not reviewed in the New York Times for the same reason that Nora Ephron movies do not win Best Picture Oscars. It's because they both suck.

La-dee-fucking-da. Here's the deal. I think hard science fiction sucks. That doesn't mean it actually sucks. In fact, most of it is quite good. I just don't like it.

(BTW, critically acclaimed movie that suctions all joy from the universe = "Lost in Translation.")

And Ursula LeGuin, author of Left Hand of Darkness, a book I also think SUCKS like Hoover, (but recognize that that is my opinion), doesn't like Roald Dahl.

The science-fiction author Ursula K. LeGuin wrote in to second Cameron’s criticism, though she had to admit that “children between eight and eleven seem to be truly fascinated” by Dahl’s books. Indeed, one of her own children, she regretted to say, “used to finish ‘Charlie’ and then start right over from the beginning (she was subject to these fits for about two months at age eleven). She was like one possessed while reading it, and for a while after reading she was, for a usually amiable child, quite nasty.” The books, LeGuin concluded, “provide a genuine escape experience, a tiny psychological fugue, very like that provided by comic books.”

Because escape experiences are the antithesis of good writing? (In an interview with Albuquerque's Alibi, she had similar complaints about Harry Potter.) Give me a fucking break.

As a commentor at PBW says: "What I don't get is: what do people actually think books are for?"

Read something fun today. Heck, read anything. Just read.



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