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Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Roundup

Train Em Up Young...
Is this the reason behind mass media's sudden fascination with Boy Scouts? (Particularly those who have been stood up by Not-My-President.) They're actually the youngest

...an amendment which explicitly allows the Secretary of Defense to support the Boy Scout Jamboree on the basis of it being required "for defending our national security and preparing for combat."

Via The Poor Man

Birth Control Is Bad For Women...
So says Saint Ass-Hat:

Typical wingnut tactic: reduce birth control to something naughty unmarried people do. The truth is, birth control is good for families. Yep, families. Giving people the ability to manage the size of their families within the constraint of resources--financial and emotional--leads to happier, healthier children.

Santorum is bad for women. Perhaps we should pray...for his wife?

Via Covington

And Speaking Of Folks Who Like Blowing Things Up...
Those of a very white persuasion, the IRA:

The IRA yesterday declared that its war against Britain was over. Even in the long debased hyperbole of historic moments in the Northern Ireland peace process, this was a monumental announcement.

The British army began closing or demolishing military installations in the Irish Republican Army's rural heartland Friday in a rapid response to the IRA's declaration to renounce violence and disarm.

No, No, No...
No moving to New Zealand! New Zealand is mine, ya hear? Crap.

Some political toonage to end the week (July 25th toon; will be different on Monday).


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