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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fourth N' Stuff

This is something I've been wanting to do, but, stupidly, has slipped my mind. Anyway, SF author David Brin gives the 411 on how to send books to our troops. A very good idea.

Now you can do likewise at very low cost! Drop by http://www.givebooks.us/ to see how FedEx now offers free shipping when you send books to a volunteer group that then redistributes where they are wanted most. Led in part by SF author Lawrence M. Schoen (a noted authority on Klingonese), this is an effort all literate people should get behind... especially if you question the unprofessional way these brave men and women have been committed to war."

Dear Botswana...
The check is in the mail.

They agreed on the number of [AIDS] patients in Botswana who had been put on treatment because of the Bush program: zero.

PRESNIT: Yay, me!

Me thinks, if they want to get people's attention, Botswana et al need to get them some Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Short Free Speech Rant...
(I got a way longer one in the works.)
To all the little scared girlies who think that expressing your beliefs will lose readers. Brin does it. So does O.S. Card. I don't agree with Card, but I respect his willingness to express his opinion. Lee Goldberg regularly raises the ire of the self-published and fan-ficcers. As has Holly Lisle. They have opinion; will express it.

Yes, you will lose readers. But, you'll likely gain some as well.

If you truly have no opinions or don't care about the world around you, then by all means limit your free speech to sweet fuzzy shit about your cats. But, if not, well that's just chicken shit. In a democracy, it's a crime not to speak out.

On that note, Happy Fourth of July. (Or Canada Day, to our friends up north.)

Hugs and flag waving,

Pat Kirby


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