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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fluffier Than 80s Big Hair

Still working on Book Two. Need to keep up the wacky-silly tude, so terrorists, politicians and other un-funny non-humans (politicians and terrorist aren't people too) will seriously ruin the mood.

Hope They Are As Funny As He Is...
Bernie, creator of Alien Loves Predator toon, has had twins! The world needs more funny people. While he's sorting out the dad business, he's been letting guest artists run amuck on his site. This weeks guest had already done an Alien Vs. Predator toon--amusing.

When I was younger, humans were crunchier.

Check out his take on Johnny Depp (Comic #457).

What Santa's Reindeer and Elves Do The Rest Of The Year...
O'Deer. Takes a few strips to get into the swing of things, but cute. Probably helps to start at the beginning. Dig the square-headed, bald elf.

Anyone With Children...
Or who has ever been a child, will relate to today's Dog Eat Doug. Skip the toy, give em a box.

If We Can't Draft The Young Ones...
We'll recruit the geezers.

I know 42 isn't quite geezer, but jeeze.

Bill Clinton Sex Will Get You A Scholarship...
In Uganda. Anything else goes, just keep that cherry.

A lawmaker is offering to pay university fees for girls who are virgins when they graduate from high school, in part to help fight AIDS.

Sauron Still Looking For His Ring...
In an outhouse.

The man police discovered in a women's outhouse tank last month says he was searching for his wedding ring...Moody was arrested after a girl entered the restroom and saw him in the raw sewage tank.

And I Bet It Cried For The Remainder Of The Flight...
Woman gives birth on plane.

I'm all done.

Hasta Luego,
(Lookie, I discovered that "hasta" has an "h." Stupid Kirby, no ice cream.)

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