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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Flesh Eating Parasites

And crazy bush pilots. All part of a the job of a National Geographic photographer. In the August 2005 issue of National Geographic, photographer Joel Sartore tells about his adventures in the Brazilian Pantanal.

I'm staying at a cattle ranch where tree frogs live in the toilet. The holes in my leg just might be from a flesh-eating parasite, and I've already had my assistant, Daniel De Granville, airlifted to the hospital for his infected head. Daniel is back and feeling better now, but there seems to be a worm in his scalp. It's only active part of the day, kicking like a baby in the womb. I offered to get us both drunk and cut it out with my pocketknife, but he declined.

But on the upside, there are no invasive security checks when flying...

My bush pilot's nickname is Lilique. Our plane has lots of cracks on it and in it, and always smells like it's on fire. While in flight, we have to press a button on the outside of the plane in order to make the flaps on the wings work. Not all the time. Only when we need to make turns or land.

No-see-ums from Hell...

Pantanal ticks range from the big ones the bite you so hard you can't believe it to the tiny ones that seem to infiltrate every pore in your body just because they can. These are hard to see with the naked eye, but you know they're there; you scratch to the point of infection.


Though a bit on the pricey side*, National Geographic magazine is a great resource for writers. Filled with loads of inspiration for world and culture building. [commercial off]

*Our subscription comes courtesy of benevolent in-laws.

The weekly chat with Kristin counts as writing, but no actual wordage. Going to create a "fix this" file for Book Two. I still hold to the "don't revise early chapters until entire first draft is done" approach, but I need to keep track of "known issues" with earlier chapters.



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