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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dribs and Drabs

A Time of Doubt for Atheist...

Don't ya have to have "faith" to have doubt?

Faith is the new must-have, evident when a major leaguer points skyward after his base hit, when a movie star credits the Big Guy for his Oscar, when the Justice Department backs the display of the Ten Commandments at two state capitols, and when it defends the Salvation Army's requirement that employees embrace Jesus Christ.

Yeah, but Christians aren't all the same flavour. And it's pretty naive to think, without the godless to kick around, that they'll all play nice together.

For example, these Christians think Catholics are unfit parents.

In fact, take away monsters in the closest (ha!) like gays and abortion and "the faithful" would soon turn their demon slaying swords on each other.

via Stephanie Schulte

More Fun With Headlines...
Bush Would Fire Leaker if Crime Committed. (<=Hee. A quick check shows that AP changed the title of the article to something less funny.)

Is that Bush's new nickname for Rove? Leaker?

The good ship Lollipop, she done sprung a leak.

500 wordies on book two. Harry Potter makes brain buzzy and creative. Today, finally in the mood to work on transition that I skipped.

Tuesday...bleh. Not Monday, definitely not Friday. What's the point?



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