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Monday, July 18, 2005

Blog Silence

Oops. I have a blog? Really?

I'm, er, [fidget, squirm], busy.

Oh, crap. Yes, I'm reading...the bloody book.

Got home from work today and sat down to have lunch. Lunch is supposed to be short and followed promptly by the Nikster's lunch. Picked up the infernal book. Started reading.

Horse starts screaming. Ignore poor horse. And hour later...finally wander out to paddock. Angry, angry horse is throwing the tantrum that ate Tokyo. Worked himself into such a lather, I had to postpone his lunch until he cooled down. That also went over well.

The Nikster hates Harry Potter.

(I didn't like the first chapter, which J.K. Rowling says is a very important chapter, something she's been waiting to write for a long time. Meh. But it picks up after that.)

Added a Carl Hiaasen book, Strip Tease, to the TBR file on recommendation from bud, Sharon. Looks funny. Took back epic-y fantasy, coming-of-age novel unread. I imagine with more time and less alluring books in the TBR file, it might have stood a chance. But when I did the first page test, the voice just wasn't very engaging. One bites the dust, at least.

Got in at least 1100 words yesterday. Yippee. Combined with the unusual 300 on Saturday, makes for a productive weekend. Now if I can just keep it up.

The trick has been to stop just before I run out of stuff to write. Basically, hold a little over for the next day.

Tomorrow I'll post something less dull (not about me), I promise. Off to buy horse's love with apples (special treat) and neck scratches.



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