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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Yes, I Still Do Art

(The self-involved posting...)
But not pastels or watercolour anymore. No time.

The J-man is the family artiste, working in all kinds of metal. I contribute some of the design work on the wall art.

And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon (aluminum)

The crazy, long-tailed cow is my design.
Below is a preliminary (very) design for a steel (copper?) greyhound I'd like to donate to the Greyhound Companions of New Mexico Reunion picnic this year.


Finish latest chapter. Wander down to mailbox to check for rejections/acceptances lost in submission black hole. Send Kristin latest chapter in WIP.

Listening to smooth jazz station which is leaching away creativity. Switching over to writing soundtrack.

Chris Rea: The Road to Hell (Part 2)
Peter Gabriel: Mercy Street
Sarah McLachlan: Fallen
Peter Gabriel: Don't Give Up
Sarah McLachlan: Push
Sarah McLachlan: Answer
Dido: Here With Me
Sarah McLachlan: Possession
Sarah McLachlan: Good Enough
Sarah McLachlan: Ice
Matchbox Twenty: Unwell
Dido: Hunter
Sixteen Horsepower: Beyond the Pale
Sarah McLachlan: Hold On
Maktub, "El Clon": Bajo El Sol
Chris Rea: Tell Me There's a Heaven

Dat's all.


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