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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Worst Movies?

Lee Goldberg thinks people aren't going to the movies because movies suck.

Overall, there's much better stuff on TV these days than there are in the theatres...

Uh, your shitting me, right? On what planet, specifically? Because the parade of reality t.v. doesn't exactly rate a "better" in my book.

I rarely go to the movies because I invariably get stuck next to "If I stop talking my brain might start working" moron, or the toddler/baby of a jackass to cheap to spring for a sitter.

There's a lot of crap put out by Hollywood and beyond, the worst being the critically aclaimed shit like "Lost in Translation."

Movies That I Am Owed Money for Watching...
Reign of Fire--Dragons? There were dragons?
Mission to Mars--Could space get any more boring?
Day After Tomorrow--Certainly a disaster. I was embarassed for Dennis Quaid.
SW-Attack of the Clones--Romance that made me want to jab plastic straw in my eyes.
SW-Phantom Menace--Jar Jar Binks, plastic straws, you get the picture.
Van Helsing--I'm sorry, Hugh. You rock my boat, but not even your hot self could make this disaster fly.
May--I will never again rent anything based on Harry at Ain't It Cools News's recommendations.
First Knight--Richard Gere, Sean Connery, and a desperate housewife named Guinevere.
Men in Black Two--Put me to sleep faster than golf.
Anaconda--Rooted for the snake.
Lake Placid--On my knees praying that giant crocodile would rip Bridget Fonda's screaming head off her skinny neck. Come on Mr Crock, pop her head off like a Pez dispenser.
Godzilla--1998 version. Go, go, Godzilla.
Batman and Robin--One name: Chris O'Donnell. Ugh.
Planet of the Apes--I don't remember it; a sure sign of suckitude.
Wild, Wild West--Same as Planet of the Apes.

I'm sure I missed many.

Got in a couple thousand more on book two over last two days. Send more stuff out into subland. Today, more work on book two, unless distracted by...anything shiny.



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