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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Where the White Women At?

All hail the Snark King. The Poor Man is my shepherd. He leadeth me to snarky briar patches. (Note to the humor-impaired: He wrote the below as a joke.)

"For most of history, journalists could afford to spend their time covering wars, famines, politics, and business. The reason for this is that everybody knew where the white women were at - at home, probably in the kitchen, minding the kids.

"However, society has changed, and the business of journalism has changed with it. These days, with the increased opportunities available to white women, we as a nation are losing track of even the prettiest white women. White women are disappearing in Aruba, from their jobs as Washington interns, and even right before their own weddings.

"And it is not just the number of white women who are going missing that is the problem. There are also white women who aren't missing, but whose location and situation demands public attention. There are white women on trial for drowning their kids, white women who are dead but nobody knows who killed them, and even some white women who are on spring break and drunkenly flashing their breasts.
Seriously, when's the last time the national media wet themselves over a story about a brown or black woman in crisis? (Michael Jackson doesn't count.) You mean to tell me no pregnant black woman has ever been killed by her husband? Or that Latino women don't get kidnapped? Uh-huh.

Re Michael Jackson: Yes, Mom, I'm glad it's over, if only in the futile hope the American people might notice the rest of the world around them. Michael Jackson is likely a pervert and is certainly a freaky little man/girl/thing. If anyone is to blame it's the supposed victim's shit-fer-brains parents. "But, they're pooor," some say. Right. I'm poor and I wouldn't let Michael Jackson within ten feet of my dogs, much less a child.

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