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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Whale Weenies

Ever the provider of the weird and not-so-wonderful, Monica Jackson has posted images of killer whale schlongs. (Hmmm, so how do ya train a killer whale to pop his dick out on command?)


Reminds me of an embarrassing task I've yet to undertake. Cleaning out the Nikster's sheath.
Never be rough with your horse's genitals, or you may end up injured.
Ditto. Never be too rough with mine either. On the upside, thanks to clicker training, the Nikster is often so relaxed, he frequently lets it all hang out, as it were.

My stupid city slicker neighbors (and I think Bush lovin', God fearin' types) are gonna have a fit the day they see me feeling up the horse.

Ah, the joys of horse ownership.

According to this survey, blog readers want to hear about the writing process. Boooring. So instead I give you horse willy cleaning.

(You don't really want to hear about my writing, do you? ZZZzzzzzz.)



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