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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Vamp Stakes

Pat Kirby, lover and writer of cliche--i.e., vampires--here.

Perusing an article in Newsweek (yes, Newsweek, get over it) regarding author Elizabeth Kostova's $2 million advance for her Dracula novel, The Historian. The rights to the novel, sort of a Da Vinci Code plus Dracula, have been sold in 28 languages and Sony has bought film rights for $1.5 million. Um, glurp.

Of the author's literary tastes, the article says this:
Elizabeth Kostova is so squeamish that she has never read a Stephen King novel. It's not that she's afraid of scary stories; she just doesn't like gore.
Regarding her gignormous advance, she says:
"I wasn't brought up to be dazzled by money or fame. When I heard about the advance, I wondered, 'Is my life over?' So I immediately started the second book to draw that magic circle around me again."
In the article, she tells the usual 'I wanted to be a novelist since I was in utero' sort of tale. Any writer who didn't have the big revelation before twelve? When I was young, I just wanted to be ruler of the known universe.

Vampire Stats=>
2.85 million-Number of Internet citations on a Google search for 'Dracula'
167-Times that Dracula or his descendants have appeared in movies
10-Times that Christopher Lee has played Dracula in movies
7-Television series involving vampires
1-Breakfast cereals inspired by Dracula (Count Chocula)
0-Times that Bram Stoker's classic novel 'Dracula' has gone out of print since it first appeared in 1897

Speaking of the vampire novel...got another request to see the 'rest of' the manuscript. Good because it means early chapters hold some editors' interest. Bad, because I already sold the novel. A while back, in the midst of rejection angst, I sent out a flurry of partials...somewhere. Didn't log 'em in my notebook--stupidhead, me. Feeling guilty about wastin' editors' time. Crap.

Today, working on sequel to above novel.



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