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Friday, June 17, 2005

Toying with Bill Collectors

How to deal with bill collectors, particularly when they have the wrong damn number.

So I decided to stop being civil. The next time Dell called, I pretended to be insane. They stayed on the phone for me for ten minutes. At one point, they asked me my name. I said “My new name is Michael Dell. And I am strong.”
I'm thinking I'd answer the phone this way:
"Hi. Yeah, I'd like a large pizza with green chile, olives and mushrooms." As Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) would say, "Make their day a little more surreal."

Zits are Good for Your Heart, Men...
Teenage acne is linked to a lower incidence of heart disease. In men, anyway (figures). Of course, there's a little problemo. There's also an associated increased risk for prostate cancer. Oh, well. Yuh gotta die of something.

The Debate Goes On...
The fan fic types are still battling the um, anti-fan fic types. I find it kind of funny: like watching ants fight.

Totally snarked out...
The J-man is leaving me. Sniff.

He's going up to Colorado tomorrow to spend some time with the folks. Always in the service our lord, the Nikster, J-man will be bringing back a big load of hay. (Nikster is a welfare horse, living off the benevolence of the grandparents.)

"The Shapeshifter's Challenge" was sent out to the longshot markets. Meaning, if they actually bought it, I'd wet myself. But the odds are so long that there's no point in running out for a box of Depends.

All inspired to work on book two; hence the the low snarkage here. All my snark is channeled toward the WIP.

Thinking of writing the sex scene for "Pinocchio in Reverse." Been putting it off, to build sexual tension on the page and in my little brain. Maybe I'll write it tomorrow when my man's away. Hey, gotta get my grins somehow.

Oh, crap, the Rat Dog just puked. Got her over the toilet in time. She retched up an ant. An ant? She's eating ants now? Like the rabbit turds weren't bad enough. Outside Dear, go eat some tasty grass.

On that note...




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