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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Smackity Smack

George Bush, Republican, says big government is good for you, especially when it snoops in your house, rifles through your drawers, and sniffs your panties.
"The Patriot Act closed dangerous gaps in America's law enforcement and intelligence capabilities, gaps the terrorists exploited when they attacked us on September the 11th," Bush said.
(Yeah, like the Grand Canyon-size gap between his ears.)

So take your Patriot Act--What, no spoonfull of sugar?--and shut up.

Priestly boy love is pricey...
Predator priests have racked up a 1$ billion for the Catholic Church. Perhaps they should start a joint defense account with Michael Jackson?

Oh, So These are the 'Ways of the West'...
Mentally challenged black man is beaten by Texas hillbilly thugs and pitched on an anthill.
Town's mayor says:
...none of this was racially motivated. "The black boy was somewhere he shouldn't have been,**" he told the Chicago Tribune, "although they brought him out there."
**Uh, yeah. Unconscious on a hill of fire ants.

Get Me Some Nerd Lovin'..
A bit of validation for this girl who likes 'em tall and gangly, no-necks Fabios need not apply.
via Covington
"We've all been to bed with the guy who is worried about what he looks like, checking the mirror before he gets in bed," she said. "The nerd, gloriously, stunningly, perfectly, is into the woman. That right there is very stirring, sexually."
Having not spent half the day at the gym, nerds have plenty of energy much more enjoyable sweat-generating activities.

"The Shapeshifter's Challenge" finished in the quarter-finals, 2nd Quarter 2005, of the Writers of the Future Contest. Hmmm, this is getting chronic. Anyway, now where to send it next? Probably off first for the obligatory speedy rejection at SF&F. (Speedy is good, seriously.) It's a cheerful little romance, so I need a market that doesn't want big ideas, mind-altering concepts, and all-around weird shit. The one pro market that "might" (big might) fit has a huge backlog and I'm sicker n' shit of year long slush piles.

Back to work.



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