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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Rush, Rush, Rush

The mad dash home to serve my lords, the Nikster, Rat Dog and Greyhound.

Let the dogs out. Hating the great outdoors, as always, ten seconds later Greyhound is back at the door. Run outside to have quick playtime with neglected horse.

The Nikster and I go for a short walk. Two new horses in the neighborhood! Much rejoicing in horsy-dom. Even big lazy neighbor horse Snickers gets in a couple of gallops around the paddock. The Nikster does the quintescential Arabian thing; head high, look of the eagles, tail flagged. Much snorting. (Reminded that Nikster needs a friend; can't afford one yet; sigh, me sad.) Despite all the commotion, Nikster still responsive and in control. We've come a long way.

Back home. Get him lunch. Muck out the pen.

Now...Run through Kristin's story one more time. Post this "me, me, me" blog entry. Then off to writing chat.

Tonight...get money's worth out of rented video game "Pariah."

Snark, nastiness, feeble attempts at humor to follow...later (tomorrow?).



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