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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pirate-y Goodness

I'm gonna fly a Skull and Crossbones this Fourth. Usually, we pull out our trusty Stars and Stripes and let're do the patriotic thing by the front gate. But, seein' as how the flag will now be a sacred object, on par with lost relics of Tutankhamen, we shan't risk it falling in the sand or getting pooped on by a roadrunner. Might get thrown in jail.

So the Jolly Roger it is.
I would rather someone was wrapped in the Constitution burning the flag than wrapped in the flag burning the Constitution.
Quote from Moxie Grrrl

What Performance Evaluations Really Mean...
Always thought the yearly evaluation was a load of horse shit?
Yep. I knew it all along.

Cows Gone Wild...
With teats and stuff. Ak-chooly, cows with guns. My cattle ranchin' kin folk won't like this one.

Definition of a Repug...
From Advocatus Diaboli
2. A remover of the taxes and public revenues (mainly into their or their friends' pockets)

No editing? Yer shitting me?
Write a novel and never revise?

Commentors on post suggest this is a function of a author who is too successful to take editing. Huh?

Please kick me in my non-existent nuts if I ever get so arrogant that I won't take constructive criticism.

Happy Wednesday.


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