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Monday, June 06, 2005

Pat Kirby, Lone Gunwoman

So today I'm loving Lee Goldberg.

In response to RWA admonitions that there will be no linky-dinkies to any sites with the words cock, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, shit, and tit, he writes the following. LOL!
You can't use the words cock, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, shit, and tit, but it's okay to use the following words and phrases instead: his throbbing maleness, adoring his gargantuan manhood, heavenly cave of feminine delight, give me some of that hot monkey love, butt hole pirate, poop, and swelling bosom.
The whole naughty word thing bores me. It comes up regularly over at the Critters forum. (I only stop by once a month, having found much more fun in blogs. Every time I'm there, somebody is decrying the use of foul language in books.) Somebody argues that if in real life, the character (type) would curse, then profanity works. Then Uptighty-Pants says something like, "Yes, but people also use "um" and "uh" while speaking, but we don't include them in writing."

Holds up hand. Um, yeah, I do. So do loads of other writers.

Seriously though, I've decided lone gunman (woman) is the way for me. Fuck joining anything. Turned off by the bullshit elitism and hubris exhibited by one writers' organization--covered pretty well by Monica Jackson's posty here--I had been considering joining RWA. First, RWA has a non-pro membership as well as local chapters. Then, this whole "though shalt not be lewd" crap/censorship arose like a mighty cock in a romance novel.

Get this RWA statement:
“In it’s most basic form, the standards allow a young adult author to sit next to an erotic romance author at the literacy signing without worrying there’ll be exposed genitalia on the cover next to her.”
Ehhh? Cuz at the sight of a nipple, impressionable teens will be consumed with a rush of hormonal lust and driven to commit crazy and unsafe acts. Right. (Misuse of "it's" in quote is how it came from Romancing the Blog. Don't know if the perp is RTB or RWA.)

Yeah, I guess slapping a writing orgs's name on my query letters would make 'em snazzy. But then again, a listing of qualifying pro sales would work just as well and cost me less money. After all, I got a horse to feed.

(Speaking of the Nikster, please peruse his posting below. Thanks.)



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