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Friday, June 24, 2005

Paper Dragons and Other Flamy Things

I've got wax dragons, wooden dragons, glass dragons, paper mache dragons, dragons on shields and cute stuffed dragons. But until now, no paper dragon. I wonder what colour I should make him? Phun with Photoshop time.

Paperback Writer has a bunch of nifty sites for those who need to entertain the young or young at heart.

Romance Writers of America, Board Members Anyway...
Are into the "spank me" shit. Well, in light of their most recent shenanigans, they must be. They have opened up a whole new can of whup-ass on themselves. Linky1 and Linky2

In a survey sent to members, they ask how romance should be defined.
“Romantic Fiction” or “Romance” means a story in which a predominant part of the story line focuses on the romantic relationship that develops between:
CHOICE #1 one man and one woman
CHOICE #2 two people...

Not All Cut From The Same Cloth...
While there is a certain segment who believe all our folks in uniform are Republican flavored, it's not true.

You Are What You Eat...
Got a hankering for some hoooman? Try Hufu.
A meal fit for Hanibal Lector.

The Comparison...
Between Traitorous Dems and god and country lovin' Reps.

And Finally...
Let this be a lesson to you, boys. Flirt with hot supermodel, kiss your toys goodbye.
Snoring's probably a bad idea as well.

Wandering off to beat a live horse... (Kidding)



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