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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Okay Kiddies, It's Imagination Time

The new Iraqi ambassador is horrified by the violence in Iraq. Mercy me. How...fucking astute. This must be why they pay him the big bucks.

America's new ambassador to Iraq expressed horror Tuesday at the violence wracking the country and said Islamic extremists and Saddam Hussein loyalists are trying to start a civil war.

All those naughty, naughty insurgents. Imagine hating the notion of foreigners running your country. Seriously, imagine it.

Let's say you loath the president, whoever he or she may be (let's be extra creative.) If you're a Republican, imagine a Democrat; if a Democrat, imagine a Republican. Suddenly, France* takes pity on us and decides to free us from the tyranny of Right or Left Wingnuttery. They sweep in, topple the existing government, and initiate new elections.

The problem? They won't fucking leave. They set up all-the-horse-you-can eat restaurants, ban deodorant and the English language, and establish huge perfume monopolies. In order to teach us how a real democracy works, they quadruple our taxes.

Yer tellin' me Americans wouldn't get a mite tired of our saviors? Uh-huh.

(*As long as they keep eating American horses, or any horses, I'll keep picking on the French.)



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