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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nothing That a Shotgun and Taxidermist Couldn't Cure

Inspired by Eugie Foster's pics of Mr. Anole, I headed out into my yard in search of critters.
Thar be lots of beasties out there, but I can't prove it. All the usual suspects--roadrunner, quail, lizards, rabbits--were very tolerant, until I aimed the camera at them. Then they went all Sean Penn and headed for the hills.

Stupid wildlife.

Pretty plants don't move much. Here's the lavender under the bedroom window. (Also in pic, Jupiter's Beard, Prairie Coneflower, and Gaura)

Good, because it makes the bedroom smell like lavender. Bad, because the squadrons of noisy bees make sleeping in impossible.

Pretty Men, Two Flavours...

Stoopid Authors. It's Missing White People Who Are Entitled to Celebrity...
One of the major culprits behind unrealistic author expectations, says Gene Taft, assistant publisher and director of publicity for PublicAffairs, is America’s celebrity obsession, which leads authors to think that they, too, are entitled to lavish book tours, signings and appearances on Good Morning America.

via Anna Genoese

Oh, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one a little perplexed by Undead and Unwed.

I didn't hate the protag, but the whole "Sink-Lair" joke thing got stinky fast.

Still playing at the fiction that I'm a writer...
I updated the web page to show the cover on Modern Magic.

Got sidetracked writing weird-ass-shit-fable short story.



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