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Friday, June 03, 2005

No Lewinsky Sex in the RWA

Monica Jackson has some things to say about RWA's desire to make romance novels a clean and wholesome activity. So oral sex on the first date is a No-no? But Tab-A/Slot-B first-date-sex is okay? Uh-huh. Ya know, some folks consider oral sex foreplay. And what if the hero, pumped up on steroids, can't get Mr. Droopy up? A girl's entitled to some fun after all.

Taking a page from NippleGate, "tits" is now considered a naughty word with the fine ladies of RWA. Naturally my favourite word--FUCK--is off limits. (It's a noun; it's a verb...faaabulous word.)
With respect to all RWA programs and services, the following shall not be depicted or represented: exposed male and female genitalia, exposed female nipples, cunnilingus and fellatio, hands or mouth covering naked female breasts, naked or g-string-clad buttocks, and bestiality.
Now they're just contradicting themselves. First they say "no exposed female nipples" (Exposed man tittage is okay), but then follow with "no hands or mouth covering naked female breasts." How should they be covered then? In a burka?

(I'm not a member of RWA or SFWA for that matter. Don't have an overwhelming desire to join either. Don't fufill the requirements to join and have better things to do with my money anyway--like buy groceries and pay the light bill.)

Speaking of Sex...
For all the people who hit this site via a combination of keywords "Ewan McGregor" and Some Euphemism for the Male Member*, here's some crotch for you. (*Or alternately, "Naked" plus "Obi-Wan.")

Also, concerned that I'm not attracting the right flavour of pervert, here's a sentence that caters to this fan girl's tastes: Hugh Jackman will be starring in the upcoming movie "The Fountain," but I doubt we'll see his penis.

And yes, my mother does read this blog.

Still running with scissors,
P. Kirby


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