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Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Funnies

I'm feeling icky-sicky. Rather than bore all with the details, I'll suggest some Monday morning pick me ups.

A new discovery. This week's toon is rather droll, unless you can't handle mild flat cat humour.
Pork and Bean

Next is the perennial Dog Eat Doug. Sunday's toon was especially cute; click Previous comic to view it.

Dead Guy Takes on Michael Jackson. And he gets Michael Jackson's freaky-ass, pale, Planet of the Apes face to a tee.

Lord of the Rings, The Musical?
Hmmm. I'm a big fan of musicals persay, but...see the [LOTR] movies rule because there is very little of the singing that plagued the books (And no Tom I'm Singing and I Can't Shut Up Bombadill). Okay, so the hobbit drinking songs were mighty cute, but who can resist drunken hobbits?

Anyway, there you have it folks. I think my posting later, when I'm get home, will be a minor rant about romantic comedy. (Since I picked on SF yesterday.)

Finished a chapter off. Finished storyboarding next scene. Now to turn it into prose.

P. Kirby


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