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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Let's Make Lots of Money


Plopped in front of television for daily dose of indoctrination from local news. Because they are fresh out of domestic-abuse-cases-turned-SWAT-situations, the newscasters are showing a clip about the local woman who knitted the blanky that covered up dimwitted, always bug-eyed runaway bride. Woman laughs and says she wouldn't be surprised if the next time she sees the blanket is on eBay.

That's what we need. Something like that to sell on eBay.

Yeah. We need to find Jesus on a taco shell.

I dunno. It's been done before. The last Jesus item on sale at eBay only went for about 10K.

Only? Hey, we could make a little Jesus branding iron and stamp the Savior's face on a few dozen grilled cheese sandwiches. At 10K a pop, we'd make a killing. We'll have the house in New Zealand in no time.

I dunno. I think we need something with a story. Like the guy who sold his ex-wife's wedding dress.

Here's an idea. How about I shove a stick up my ass so that my eyes bug out like a Chihuahua dog? Then I run away, claim fundie wingnut midgets kidnapped me, and then admit it was all a hoax brought on by the stress of training the Nikster. You forgive me because I have i-shoos, and we sell the movie rights to Judith Regan. I bet I can get some sweet deals on my novels too.

I'll go get a stick.


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