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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Let's Ban Man Boobies

Barbara Wa-Wa makes a verbal stoopid and riles up breast feeding moms. Apparently, there's still a large contingency of Americans lacking the capacity to avert their eyes from something that makes 'em uncomfortable. (Same folks who can't change the channel when something objectionable is shown on the telly.)
"It's nothing against breast-feeding; it's about exposing yourself for people who don't want to see it," said Scotty Stroup, the owner of a restaurant in Round Rock, Texas, where a nursing mother was refused service last fall.
I got news for ya, Scotty. Breasts are there for a greater purpose than for you to mishandle during some pathetic attempt at foreplay. They're fer feeding babies. But perhaps we should go easy on Scotty. He's from Texas after all.*

(*As am I, but I'm all better now.)

In the interest of fairness, I think we should ban fat, shirtless white men, cuz all that jiggling man tittage is just nasty.

via Stephanie Schulte

Have I Pissed Off the Self-Published Yet?
I hate to miss a demographic...
Actually, I pass the blame to Lee Goldberg's blog:
I got this email today:

Hello Lee! I just received a contract from PA today! I was wondering if I sent you my query if maybe you knew of someone more reputable who would be interested in my work?

People this dumb deserve PublishAmerica. And Dr. Laura. Here's how I replied: The rest is here.
Since every other post in Goldberg's blog is a rant re: self/vanity publishing, the author of the email isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.



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