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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

How Not To Get Fired

Don't spend the morning sneaking reads on the Alien Loves Predator toon. All the giggling makes employers think you're downloading porn.

Because there is nothing funnier than two mighty alien beings cohabitating (sort of) in New York City.

Seriously, though. I know why I love this cartoon. Because I love the juxtaposition of the extraordinary with the ordinary. The two characters vacillate between being just two single guys in New York and yet, inescapably beyond the mundane. Reminds me of what I love about writing Improbable Child related stuff. The ability for sly commentary through the eyes of someone who isn't quite human.

Publishers Want Innovation; Well, Sort of...Not Really; But Really...
Over at Romancing the Blog, Diedre Knight has some things to say about taking risks in your writing. Does it work? Or doesn't it? The answer still seems to be the old "We want more of the same, only different."

Ongoing issue for me. The Music of Chaos is not a vampire novel. Except it is all about vampires. But I persist in the fiction (?) that it isn't a vampire novel. It's a contemporary fantasy where some of the characters happen to be vampires. So how the hell do you market such a beastie? Should be an interesting topic when publisher and I get to the marketing plan stage.

Ditto Pinocchio in Reverse (Sooo need a new title). It's a romance with all the trappings: focus on the 'ship and a happily ever after ending. But, I've obliterated one big romance rule by not having the hero and heroine meet until chapter four. (I thinks it's rather obvious, because of the circumstances, that they will meet.)

So at query letter time, what to do? (Well, revise to have them meet earlier is one obvious option; at this stage, I'm not onboard though.) Probably call it a...sigh...romantic contemporary fantasy. Grrr. Argh.

Is It White? Female? A Member of a Boy Scout Troop?
Nope. But it's missing. Wow! And it somehow merited a mention in the news. 'mazing.



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