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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ghetto Barbies

I'm in a vile mood. At work and stoopid printers are acting up.

The latest trick from Xerox's piece of shit printers: "Can't Find Color Housing." So I opened up the front panel and gave the housing a good kick. Printer is printing. Hurray for violence!

Anyway, rather than an angry rant, here's some ghetto barbies for your viewing pleasure. Check out Unhappy Ghetto Barbie (scroll down). Looks a lot like a girl I went to high school with--one of the few white girls in the school. I think she's on white trash husband number two now.

To All Two of My Readers...
In case you noticed funky stuff going on with this blog (format). Yesterday, it started behaving very badly in IE. (Hate, IE, BTW. FireFox rules!) Anyway, today, I did some experimenting which included deleting posts and changing templates. Finally narrowed the problem down to the Nikster's post below. Never let a horse play with technology without supervision. Still restoring links and stuff.



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