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Friday, June 03, 2005

Doggie Jedi

Remind you of a dog you know?

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Comic by Brian Anderson. For daily doses go to Dog Eats Doug. V. Cute. Yeah [shrugs], sometime I like cute.

When I first started surfing via BlogExplosion, I was hitting a lot of duds--mommy blogs, hobby blogs and the worst, business blogs, all written in dry, monotonal "voices." Ran into some pretty good ones lately.

Waking Ambrose for the word of the day.
Moxie Grrrl for sassy girl politics. Dig her avatar.
Weiner Dog Blog for fans of doggie lowriders. (Any greyhound blogs out there?)
Dead Guy, The Cartoon for more toonage.
Bush Blog! for the latest from Dubya.
Jesus' General. No, I haven't gone off the deep end in the fundie pool. Go see. One of my J-man's faves.

It Is Done...
Nikster the wonder horse is vaccinated and ready for a summer filled with mosquitos. Whew!

Have a good weekend.


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