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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Daily Bitchslap

I'm expensive...to Americans with health insurance. Uninsured add $900 to health premiums-study

Thanks to my doctor phobia, so far ya'll have gotten off easy. But the day I get hit by a bus or the genetic predisposition to heart disease kicks in... "Whoa, Nelly, hang on to your wallet."

The Administration denies that a global warming report, edited by an oilman, could be biased.

In a related matter, the Administration also scoffs at the notion that a fox, when left in a hen house, will devour said hens. "That's absurd," says an Administration spokesman. "According to the best scientific information available, there is no indication that Mr. Fox poses a threat to the hens."

I Thought We Were Supposed to Hate the French...
Because Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont, is feeling the French lurve, ensuring that no Frenchy is ever without horsemeat on his dinner plate. Justifying the slaughter, he and others stated that supporters of wild horses are "Eastern city slickers who don't understand the ways of the West."

"Ways of the west" meaning what...? Fucking sheep? Marryin' yer cousin'?

I'm-a guessin' Burns wasn't captain of his debate team.

Howard Dean, Captain Bloody Obvious....
Dean say that the Republican party is "pretty much a white, Christian party." Well, that's not entirely true. During election time, Republican politicians trot out their worst Spanish and sometimes manage to woo Hispanic votes. (Not this Hispanic voter, mind you.)

Of course, the Wingnuts, afraid that widespread veracity might sweep the country, are unamused.

How do you tell a Republican politician from a Democrat politician? The Republican is white, Christian and male. The Democrat is white, Christian, male, and tells everyone "he's just like a Republican, only better."

Gawd, get a platform, already.



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