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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Customers Suck

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I can soooo relate.

Long ago, a far kinder and less snarky me worked at K-Mart over a summer. In the camera department. We'd get these twits who'd point at the most expensive camera in the display and ask me to demonstrate how it worked. When I handed them the camera and the instruction booklet, they would look around, indignant, and snipe, "Isn't this cameras? You don't know how it works?"

Kinder, sweeter me just smiled nervously. Today, snarkier, older me would look around, point at a K-Mart sign and say, "This is K-Mart, right? You get what you pay for, Buddy." Honestly, you can't really expect great service at a place where everyone is part-time and minimum wage. Did these asshats think K-Mart sprang for a lengthy training process? Or hired highly skilled photographers and technicians?

My recent stint is retail was at a Wild Birds supply store. The customers at Wild Birds usually were a civilized lot, though there were some weirdos, like the lady who had to feel up the suet because she thought hard suet damaged the birds' beaks. Or there was the occassional old fart who would do the funky change scenario.

I have dyscalulia induced by a horse dropping me on my head. This means that simple tasks like addition and subtraction don't compute. That part of my brain has the consistency of mash potatoes. So when someone would give me their money, I'd let the cash register figure the change. This means, they couldn't change their mind after I'd entered it in the register--"No, wait. Let me give you a dime instead"--and then...mutter about "young people today" when I said "No."

The insult to injury part was the fact that I've taken maths through Calculus 3 and Differential Equations. I'm not stupid; I just can't do arithmatic.

Careful what you assume about the person behind the cash register. They may be better educated than you.

Got the expected speedy rejection from F&SF. I submitted because I had no idea where to send the story. Still don't. (It's too upbeat and romantic for most F markets; not enough (any) sex for erotic markets.) Crap.

From Ideomancer, for another story, got "This is better written than the vast majority of stories I see...I don't feel as if it's a complete story...." I agree, except that's kind of the point and IMO, typical of stories of that length. Debating revising; at 900 words, story has room to grow. In the meantime, may send it to a flash fiction market.

Today, continue plugging on book two.


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