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Friday, June 10, 2005

Clinging to Rejection

Paperback Writer keeps rejection slips for decades. Um, wow.

Not me. First, I haven't been writing [fiction] very long. Second, I don't keep anything that long.

Literally, until 2003, I couldn't bear the idea of anyone reading my fiction. (I've written loads of technical crap--blah, blah, blah.) So much so, I never wrote anything down. There are no angst filled journals; no freaky teenage poetry (hate poetry anyway); no stories where the heroine is a sweet victimized little thing who is saved because everyone lurves her after all.

And thank God for that. I'm not the person I was a few decades ago. If I met that person now, I kick her whiny little ass.

As for rejection slips, why cling to failure? I know there'll be many more to come; ego adjustment is just an email/post away. I keep those that were encouraging or those that ask me to submit something else. Form rejections hit the the round file the instant I've scratched the submission out of my little notebook.

Speaking of rejection...bloody hell, I think one of my stories is cursed. I sent it to two markets back in June 2004. I've already given up on one. The editor's email is constantly crashing, or so he says, so I don't bother to query. (Then I'd just be waiting for something else.) The second was supposed to be done in April.

Meanwhile, WOTF has judged two of my stories; other publishers have read my entire fucking novel, other rejections/acceptances have come and gone. Crappity, crap.

And I really like this story. (Unusual. I usually hate 'em ten minutes after they hit the mail.) Fuck it. I'm sending it somewhere else. TODAY.

Rant over.



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