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Friday, June 24, 2005

Cameras Are Like Cops

Never one around when you need one.

So I head out into the jerky-making heat for quality time with the Nikster. Approaching the barn, I see the pale gray form of a cottontail in the shade. It's nibbling on a clump of hay that has been blown into a small pile by the door. I stop about five feet away and it keeps eating. Nikster comes over the gate and starts mugging for carrots: showing off his "be nice" pose, neck arched, chin tucked toward his chest. He earns a few carrots and the rabbit finally starts to move off.

Rabbit hops a couple of feet away, stops, digs in the sand, and stretches out in the little depression it made. Entirely too bold, Bugs is.

It moves away when I walked up to the door. But it stays close, stretched out in the shade, while I saddle up the horse.

Would've made a cute picture. Sigh.

The Library is Enabling My Book Habit...
I went to pick up a book on hold, Gil's All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez and ended up also checking out Mammoth by John Varley. Gil's All Fright Diner was recommended by Charles De Lint and with characters like Duke and Earl, truck driving vampire and werewolf pals, how can I resist? As for Mammoth, the cover says it's SF, normally not my genre. But...the premise sounds intriguing.

My TBR pile is so tall it violates OSHA regs.

About 1200K words yesterday. Most on the rewrite of an early chapter, a few on a new short story.

Happy Weekend


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