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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What the Heck is a DH?

While doing the random nosiness thing via the linky-dinkies at Romancing the Blog, I noticed the use of the acronym "DH." As in, "Last week, DH and I had a lovely dinner of boiled seagrass and falafa beans." It no doubt stands for something bland like "Darling Husband." My warped little brain couldn't leave it at that.

Some possibilities?
  • Dipshit Husband
  • Dirty Harry
  • Desperate Housewife
  • Demented Hobbit
  • Don Ho
  • Dark-haired Harlot
  • Dusty Houseplant
  • Dyspeptic Hun
  • Dark Hunter (for obsessed fans of Sherillyn Kenyon)
  • Dildo of Hugeness
  • Darryl Hannah
  • Darth Hung Well
  • Dimwitted Hunk
  • Dead Hamster
(It's my Monday. I haven't found my funny, assuming I ever had it.)

Try 'em in a sentence: Last night [DH] and I had hot monkey sex.

This Blog...
Made a feeble attempt to redo the template. Works fine in Firefox; out of wack in stupid IE. Must get work done today, so I'll deal with it later.

Finish critique/comments on Kristin's WIP. Figure out what to send Kristin. Haven't done weekly Critter's thang yet--bloody hell. Figure out where to send flash fiction story.

Doesn't The Music of Chaos supposedly have a sequel? Double bloody hell. Would rather work on Pinocchio in Reverse.



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