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Friday, May 06, 2005

The Tattooed Editor

Anna Genoese got herself a new tat. Hee. That's what I like about LJs and Blogs. Normally, editors are the faceless harbingers of rejection. It's fun getting some insight into what goes on in their heads.

I'm slightly envious. "Slightly." I've been inked twice: little dragons on the inside of each of my ankles. Wouldn't mind another, but lately the mosquito-on-steroids sound of the needle freaks me out.

Wheel of Time series is sexist...?
I don't know about that, but I have never understood the appeal of Robert Jordan's (best selling, go fig.) never-ending series. Abby Goldsmith, a supposed fan, points out the aspect of the series--characterization--that drove me away after the first book.

"The books perpetuate some unfortunate stereotypes about women and men. The heroines instantly bond with each other and constantly commiserate with each other about men, whom they blame for just about anything they don't like. The women are uniformly contemptuous of men. This is NOT a reflection of reality. Likewise, every male in the books, whether he's a good guy or a bad, considers women to be incomprehensible. I think this portrayal is a gross oversimplification. It detracts from the realism of what would otherwise be excellent characters."

Honestly, the above is a heck of a lot more polite than my assessment. The women in the series are just vile. They make me, self-admitted bitch, look like the sugar plum princess.

They seem incapable of having a pleasant exchange with anyone. They snipe, snipe, snipe at the men, who hunch their shoulders and meekly take the abuse.

I'd argue that they don't instantly bond with each other. They band together because they are women, but often unhappily, and spend just as much sniping at one another, obsessed with what is or isn't proper behavior, as they do on harassing the men.

Jordan seems to have mistaken "strong" with a perpetual case of PMS.

One name: George R. R. Martin. If epic, sweeping fantasy with terrific characterization is what you're looking for, try his Song of Ice and Fire series.

Finished--The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger (engaging characters but unnecessarily long); The Rose of the World by Jude Fisher (not as good as previous books but still fun)

Still Workin' On--Iron Council by China Mielville; Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong (so far better than Dime Store Magic); Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton (I want to like it [dragons!], but so far not very engaging); and The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene (Will take a while; nitty-gritty physics.)

Listening to...
Spanish pop station. Will be switching over to scary Marilyn Manson when I get to real writing.

Got in about 800 new words on Pinocchio yesterday. Writing a scene with hero and heroine. I really like both characters and putting them in the same room is just fun.

Got a "...I can't use this particular story, please feel free to send another" rejection from Not One of Us. Odd, angsty story, I don't have another market lined up for it yet. Better putter off to Ralan's for ideas.

Cheers, P.K.


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