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Friday, May 13, 2005

Staring at Ewan McGregor's Crotch

Well, at least a photo thereof.

In an interview in the June 2005, Esquire, author Scot Raab makes much of McGregor's "man root." His euphemism, not mine.

"The wardrobe folks have poured him into jeans so tight that Ewan's fleshly light saber bulges forth like a Reek's horn."

So I took a gander at man's package via the article's photos. Hmm. Not bad but not quite up to the fuss Raab makes. By the standards of Esquire, it's a rather lame interview with much of the text focusing on the interviewer and his imaginary conversation with Yoda (interspersed with musings on McGregor's wang's career). The best bit of the interview is McGregor's attitude toward nudity in film.

"I was quoted a long time ago as saying I was doing it for the sisters; I felt like I was doing it as a kind of feminist act, to be showing my penis onscreen.

"If movies are representative of life, then a huge part of life is nudity and sex. I'm naked half the time, so why wouldn't I be naked in a movie?"

Um, you go Ewan.

Wisdom From The Bandit...
In "What I've Learned" (same mag., issue), Burt Reynold offers the following sage advice.

"I could have won millions of dollars in lawsuits about the AIDS rumors back in 1984. I survived it by my father's philosophy. "I'll piss on your grave."

Me likes. He who laughs last...

Some Things You Don't Know About Women...
(same mag., same issue.) by Rachel Harris of the upcoming movie "Kicking & Screaming."

3. Yes, in fact we would be interest in a threesome. The kind with two guys--you and Sam Rockwell. And you can wait outside.
8. Honest to God, deal with your ear hair.
9. Some guy totally cut us off in traffic this morning, and we are totally going to describe the entire thing to you. You don't have to listen. Just wait until the end and say, "What an asshole!"
13. Guy with dog: cute. Guy rolling around making an ass of himself with dog: irresistible.

Finally making serious headway on the synopsis for Pinocchio in Reverse. (Thinking Accidental Pygmalion might be a better title, but it doesn't sound very romanc-y). Hoping to get it done by Monday.

Chez Kirby will be invaded by in-laws this weekend, but hopefully will find the time to write.




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