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Monday, May 09, 2005

Snarky, Fluffy Monday

I don't like to mar the appearance of my Korean Piece of Shite with geegaws and bling, but I want one. Fish and Chips. Hee.

The Real News, as per Men in Black...
Somebody brought in a copy of the "Weekly World News" tabloid in to work today.

-Dolphins are demanding the right to marry. Hmmm. Are we talking gay dolphins, cuz that would be bad.

-Prince Charles plans to divorce Camilla. Apparently the horse-faced prince got him some new contacts and the first good look at his bride. Yikes!

-And finally, Elvis is Alive and Running for President. He's sure getting my vote.
ELVIS 2008.

I bet it would be a blast being a writer for a tabloid.

For Writers...
Paperback Writer, a.k.a., S.L. Viehl provided this link to Douglas Clegg and his marketing efforts for his upcoming novel. Lost of interesting stuff that goes beyond bookmarks and such. Of course, Clegg is establish. I'm not sure how some of his ideas would work for a first timer like moi.

Must stay off Internet for remainder of day so to actually do some writing.



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