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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sex-Obsessed Fundie WingNuts

I thought God's people were supposed to be above temptations of the carnal persuasion? Instead the fundi Christians devote all their efforts to saving us from sex, with no regard for the rest of the moral edicts in God's book.

Remember "thou shall not bear false witness"? "Thou shall not steal"? Nah, the Commandments are just loose guidelines for the wingnuts. Sex, it's all about sex. Think about it. When was the last time a fundie made a fuss about ethics? Nary a peep from the Family Research Council, et. al. on the DeLay business.

Because death and cancer are just punishments for extramarital sex, the wingnuts opposed the HPV vaccine. Nice. Via this linky and this one.

(Of course, for brain dead folks on feeding tubes, death isn't acceptable.)

Meanwhile, the administration's expert on Emergency Contraception is fond of butt-sex. I thought sodomy was a No-No in wingnut land? Or is there an opt-out clause? "No sodomy between consenting gay men, but okay if forced on your wife in the wee hours of the night"? Via Wonkette

Yesterday, saw a cute bumper sticker.
"Republicans for Voldemort."

The J-man's favourite is here.

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