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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Revenge of the Sith Review

Well, I haven't been going out of my way to find out much about "Revenge of the Sith" because I've been so disappointed with the franchise. So the review in Newsweek is the first I've encountered. It sounds...promising, though a mixed-bag.

"Before the movie gets good—and it does, in the final 45 minutes, achieve a genuine dark power—we also have to put up with the usual Lucas liabilities: graceless dialogue, wooden acting, overcluttered compositions and undercooked characters, and an utter inability to stage a convincing love scene."

Oh, ick. "Love scene." I'm all for the romance, but I know I'm gonna wish you could fast-forward theater movies. Oy-veh. Enough with the schmaltz.

"When that massive, menacing black Vader helmet clamps down on the deformed head of the boy we used to know as Anakin, the frisson has a mythic kick."


"This is the most savage and despairing of the "Star Wars" movies."

Oh, yeah, now I'm listening.

"The surviving Jedi knights are forced into exile, and the Empire consolidates its evil power. This glimpse of intergalactic hell inspires moments of epic grandeur that haven't been felt since "The Empire Strikes Back."

Speaking of "frissons," I just got one. Feeling the geeky fan tremors.

Mom's coming up that weekend. Perhaps we can drag hapless maternal unit to the movie.

A Shannon free epi! Sayid and Sawyer aplenty. Locke does the verbal smackdown on St. Jack, herein to be know as "Shut up, Jack." In a plot development that's actually clever, Michael gets Montezuma's revenge, courtesy of...Sun. The Clair baby doesn't do much at all. (He will someday, mark my words. The little bugger was born on The Island.) Kate tries to boot Sawyer off the raft. Sawyer responds by outing her as a criminal. Sayid points out the screamingly obvious to Locke and "Shut up, Jack": The hatch is sealed from the outside, implying it's keeping somethin' in. Walt, he of the raft burning, suddenly wants off The Island, "Now!."

New epi next week. Squee! Delenn*, I mean, crazy gun-toting French woman shows up and announces that Sayid is hers. Er, no, actually, she drops curiously vague and hysterical warnings about "The Others." (*"Babylon 5" shout out.)


The new Sonic couple is worse than the two gay guys. Okay, so they probably weren't gay. In my head they were gay because it made them more interesting.

Still Not Watching...
"Survivor," "The Apprentice," "American Idol," "Extreme Home Makeover" or anything in pseudo-reality.

Must do some of that.

Got my copy of signed book contract. Editor Shannon says my cover questionaire is on the way. Pretty cool thing about small publishers. You actually get some input in the cover. (Not so with the biggies.) What I don't want: anything that screams "vampires," in particular anything with a menacing blood sucker. It's really not a vampire book--not in an Anne Rice or even L.K. Hamilton kind of way--so while that sort of thing might sell books, it'll probably cheese off readers in the long run. False advertising, as it were.

Still waiting for rejections/acceptances on other fronts. Stack of critiques in my email. Don't recognize any of the names and hence not real motivated to read/crit. Bad Pat, no cookie.



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