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Friday, May 06, 2005

Return to the Dark Ages

(Cheesing off the fundamentalist types because they wouldn't buy my books anyway. If Harry Potter scares 'em, my stuff would make their pious hearts screech to a halt.)

I'm digging this revised version of the periodic table of contents--as an anti-scientist would revise it. Earth, fire, water, air. Nada mas. Well, that certainly would have made my life easier in college. (Note the seal on the letterhead: SAT scores 49th in the nation. Snerk.)

If that's not enough, Kansas creationists have some bizarre ideas about the English language.

Oh course, you have to pity the poor fools. Afterall, in light of Microsoft's policy shift, they are going to have to switch to Linux. (Or perhaps one should pity Linux.)

All kidding aside, the fact that creationists are able to actually get their agenda pushed this hard is fucking scary. The fact that this isn't front and center on the news, rather than stories of bug-eyed runaway brides, is even scarier. In light of America's technical brain drain, this fundamentalist turn for the Dark Ages may have dire economic consequences. Fuck up science education and you fuck up America's ability to be a leader in technology.

"For Americans, this means a renewed focus on the core skills that have propelled the American economy so far: science and technology. The United States has been slipping badly in all global rankings of these fields. Its research facilities are dominated by foreign student and immigrants--but a growing number of them are staying home or going home. Without a massive new focus in these areas, America will find itself unable to produce the core of scientists, engineers and technicians who make up the base of an advanced industrial economy."
~Newsweek, May 9, 2005

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