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Monday, May 09, 2005

Pros vs. Cons

Was reading L.K.Hamilton's blog. Her assistant was giving the lowdown on the RT con. So far, everything I've heard while blog hopping has been very positive. This was the first suggestion that all was not so shiny at RT.

In particular, her comments about authors trashing other authors. In public, in earshot of the particular author.

Of course, I have always maintained that I will express my opinion regarding cultural and political issues. I can't sit on my hands and say, "Complaining about the government will lose readers." That's not what America is about folks. If expressing my political views is unprofessional, so be it.

But, I reiterate, tearing down other authors is pointless. It's one thing to say that I don't like their books. It's quite another to hurl insults at the writer--"Why does he write that kind of crap? What a hack." And if so inclined, at least have the good sense to do it in private.

Tastes are varied*. If I don't like an author's work, I don't read it. There's always something else to read. (More books than I have time to read.) I can't control what other people like.

(*I'm sort of counting on this. I hope my character, a slightly kinder, gentler version of the angry vampire slayer will appeal to those who like their heroine a little less bitter.)

I'm still not sure whether I want to do the Bubonicon thing. I don't have anything to promote--I think the anthology will be out, maybe--but I'd rather just do reconnaissance this year. There will be some biggies there--George R. R. Martin, etc. It would be interesting to see how the pros do the "meet and greet."

OTOH, I'm worried I'll get there, meet a few people, and end up standing in a corner, bored out of my mind.

My lack of patience is going to make my head explode.

Sent a short story to an anthology market back in June '04. The anthology then moved its deadline up to the end of '04. So technically, they might claim to have only had the story four months. Anyway, they're now over their stated response time of "...by April." Am feeling annoyed. Since I sent my story in back in June, one might assume that it would have been read before all those that came after and been rejected by now. So does the lack of response mean it's under consideration? Or...simply that they haven't gotten to it?

I want to send this sucker on to Andromeda Spaceways mag, but can't until current market rejects it or I get fed up and withdraw it. Grrr. Make a decision already, folks.



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