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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pics and Stuff

Pics for a friend who's having a hard time. The sun'll come up manana and all that.


Thunderheads over the Sandias

Star Wars...(Is there anything else to write about?)
Saw the Burger King commercial with Dark Vader; you know, the one where the guy wins a million dollars and Darth shows up claiming paternity? While doing the morning novela thing saw the Spanish version:
Darth: Julio. Soy tu padre.
Julio: Mentira
Darth: [pause a beat] Julio. Soy tu...tio.
Julio: [Slams door--Probably a stupid option when faced with a guy who likes crushing tracheas.]

Meanwhile Yoda is using Jedi mind tricks to try and steal a Diet Pepsi. Is the Star Wars superhero/supervillain pension plan so bad that Senor Darth and Yoda are reduced to this?

Perhaps we should inquire at Yoda's blog? Since everybody is now blogging, the always articulate Chewbaca has a site. Not to be outdone, the Trekkies are onboard with Jean Luc Picard.

All ye tired masses aspiring to be Jedis should take heed to O. S. Card, who cautions:
"It’s one thing to put your faith in a religion founded by a real person who claimed divine revelation,..."
Er, it's worth noting that O.S.C. is Mormon. Ahem...anyway...

Gotta finish up my first attempt at flash fiction, a 800-word short story and ship off to Kristin. Then back to work on the novel.



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