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Friday, May 27, 2005

My Lords of Dogtown

You've all heard stories about wonderful dogs who are in tune with their master's mood? Always there providing comfort in times of stress? Perhaps you've had such an animal in your life.

Not me. My beasties are as selfish as me.

Yesterday, I had a "head feels like a stopped-up teakettle" sort of headache. (Obligatory "whining about my health thing" that writers [apparently] are supposed to do.) I'm in bed, feeling sorry for myself and thinking a well-place bullet would vent my skull nicely. The Rat Dog hops up on the bed. To comfort her ailing mistress? Are you kidding? No, instead she starts rolling on my hand. See, suppertime was approaching.

Meanwhile, outside the Nikster is shriek-neighing at the house. The Greyhound, thinking supper is nigh, is doing laps around the couch, long skinny tail thwahp-wahpping! against the furniture.

I imagine they were thinking: "She doesn't look so good. Quick, get her to feed us before she kicks the bucket."

Oh, and last night, the Nikster was beating on his feeder again. Thought about getting up to shut him up; remembered the neighbor's barking-all-night-to-hear-its-head-rattle-dog and went back to sleep.

If you can't beat the inconsiderate of the world, join 'em.

Today. The J-man is taking the afternoon off and we're going to see Revenge of the Sith.
This weekend: Continue work on Pinocchio in Reverse and do a final run-through on flash fiction story before shipping it into subland.



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