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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Me, me, me

Boring, day-in-the-life sort of entry...

Yesterday, the wind was howling like a thousand hormonal banshees. Blowing sand everywhere and a twitchy Nikster. So he didn't get his toenails--yes, "hooves"--trimmed. Sharp tools and jumpy horses don't mix. I gotta get them done soon before they curl up like elf shoes.

In a related note, I think the Nikster's neighing sets off the neighbor's obnoxious security lights. Heh. He's very vocal; they're gonna have an electric bill from hell.

Nothing on the "boob" last night so the J-man slapped in "The Incredibles." The movie's grown on me. Thought it was okay on first viewing; improves with later viewings. Best lines from the movie.

Mom/Elastic Girl: "Everyone is special, Dash."
Dash: "That's just another way to say no one is."

Mr. Incredible (In regard to stupidity of having a graduation ceremony for third grade): "They keep creating ways to celebrate mediocrity."

Tonight...New "Lost" epi.

Got a form rejection from Gothic.net for a story that already has a home elsewhere. (Forgot I sent it there.)

Got a "nice" rejection from Deathgrip anthology and an interesting view into what an editor has to plow through. "...enjoyed reading your story quite a bit, but it just slightly misses the mark
for this antho. ...your work did make the cut from 700 to the final 50. " 700 submissions? Yikes!

Heard from the editor of Beyond the Blackened Mirror anthology. My story got accepted before she had actually wrangled a publisher. Anyway, it looks like it now has a publisher. Small press, but that's cool. I don't see the point in being the sort of newbie who sniffs imperiously and says, "It's a pro pub or nothing at al." Whatever. Now...waiting for Mr. Contract.

My internal editor must die. Last week, Kristin had a hilarious and true comment about Chapter Three. She said I needed to use adverbs. Heh. I agree. The anti-adverb thing, which is admittedly stupid, is a Critters hangup. Internal editor gets a strangle hold on my brain and my writing gets stiff and mannered.



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