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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lost At Sea?

Last night on Lost...

Sawyer breaks the raft and Michael and Jin won't let him play with them anymore. So the Island's hottest hillbillie heads for the jungle where he fashions a huge phallic symbol--bamboo mast. Placated, Michael lets him back in the clubhouse. Meanwhile Jin, via tears and unmanly "feelings," reconciles with Sun, and, ah heck, now I'm diggin' Jin. Claire Baby does nothin'; typical baby.

Looking lean and mean (cuz French Women Don't Get Fat), Crazy French Woman (CFW) shows up with portents of smoke filled skies and Death. That's right...yer all gonna die! Shut-Up-Jack, Kiss-Me-Kate, Hurley, et. al, head into the jungle to find CFW's stash of dynamite. Replacing Shannon as the show's most annoying character is Arntz, or Antz or as I like to call him, "Isn't He Dead Yet?" IHDY is a science teacher and ergo an expert on everything (like pretty much everyone else on Moreau's Island). According to the J-Man, the stupidest teacher at A.P.S. is a "science" teacher (probably teaches Intelligent Design), so I'm not impressed. Fingers crossed for IHDY's speedy death.

BTW, why's Hurley so chunky? You'd think, with the meager Island diet and all the golfing, he'd be shedding pounds by the bucket.

Anyway, the Black Rock is actually The Black Pearl (no sign of Johnny Depp, though). And Sawyer, Jin, Michael and Walt head off for a three hour cruise.

Gentleman, Woman Really Aren't Like This...
A God-awful show, something called "Starting Over" comes on after The Today Show. Never actually watched it, but the few seconds I've seen are always filled with scenes of women weeping and blubbering over each other, talking about feelings, yeast infestions, etc.

What the hell is wrong with these lunatics? Really, now, women (most) don't act like this. We get depressed, we get over it. No wonder men think women are idiots, prone to hystrionics. Yeah, so your husband left you (can you blame him?). Get your shit together; you're making the rest of us look bad.

Not much yesterday because of Lost viewing and another greyhound toenail incident. (Autoimmune disorder makes his toesnails brittle and easily yanked out; blood everywhere; house looks like a scene from CSI.) Today...gonna get the critiquing thing out of the way today. Continued work on Pinocchio synopsis.



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